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English Comp I
So in the classroom, I was going show a movie for us to discuss. In place of that, please watch one of the
following, and answer the following questions about it. Length should be -500 words (longer is fine).
What is the movie/tv show about?
Who is the presenter?
Who are the experts?
What are the strengths? What are the weakeness?
Is the production accurate? How do you know?
If the movie you chose is fiction,
Does the move/tv deal with themes in a bias way? If so in what way?
How is the acting and the writing?
Does the movie/show have any accuracy or make you think about a larger issues?
YouTube videosTony Robinson’s Worst Jobs in History – this series done for British television presents pretty much what it
says. There are different time periods. And there is a children’s version. I particularly enjoy the Tudor episode
the best, but you can chose whatever you want. YouTube has the episodes up in various forms – episodes
split vs not split. Please note that if this is you choice, you must watch at least two episodes; your answers
should reflect this. (Fun Fact: Tony Robinson was in a show with Mr Bean. Look up Blackadder).
Tony Robinson’s The Real Da Vinci Code pretty much what the title says.
Raised in the System and Black Market – both these shows feature Michael K. Williams (from The Wire,
Boardwalk Empire). System is about young offenders. Black Market features various illegal activates. You
need to watch System and one episode of Black Market. (various trigger warning)
16×9 Slave Labour Magdalene Laundries – keep the spelling because it is a British doc. The Laundries were On Tubi (free streaming service with ads)
La Rafle – this French movie (so subtitles or dubbing depending on your choice) is based on the real round
up of Jews in Paris who were taken to the Vel D’Hiv. While the movie is fictional, the events are real. Stars
Jean Reno. (trigger warning)
Mystery Road – this Australian movie is about an aboriginal detective who must solve the case of a
murdered girl. (You can replace this with two episodes of the series The Circuit). (Trigger warnings)
The Pendle Witch Child – this documentary is about a famous witchcraft case in the UK.
The Rape of Europa – documentary about the Nazi stealing of art.
On Hulu (might be available other places)
Butterfly – watch at least two episodes. This British series is about a family where a child wants to transition.
WhiteChapel – watch at least two episodes. This British series is about a detective squad that deals with
crimes based on historical murders, such as Jack the Ripper. (trigger warning)
In the Flesh – British series about zombies, or is it? (trigger warning suicide). Watch at least two episodes.
False Flag – Israeli series about a killing. (sub titles or dubbing). Watch at least two episodes.
Denial – this movie presents the real life case of Irving vs. Lipstadt. (It is also on a couple other streaming
If Beale Street Could Talk – adapted from the James Baldwin novel.
National Treasure – each season of this British drama is a different storyline. The first season deals with a
sexual assault charge, the second with a missing child. Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) is in the first season.
Watch at least two episodes. (trigger warning rape)
The Nightingale – This very good movie is about woman’s quest for revenge but it also deals with
colonialism and racism. HOWEVER, it does depict a rape (from the viewpoint of the victim) and at times is
very hard hitting. TRIGGER WARNING.
ON Netflix
Fauda – an Israeli series about a anti-terrorism task force. Deals with issues of occupation.
When They See Us – mini series about the Central Park Five
The Central Park Five – Ken Burns documentary about the case (also on Amazon Prime)
Gomorroh – Italian series about the Mafia. It is based on the book by Savino. There is also a movie of the
same name. You can watch either two episodes of the series or the movie itself. (Subtitles/dubbing).
Trigger Warning.

on Disney+
Drain the Oceans – pretty much what it says. Watch at least two episodes.
Frozen or Frozen II
Jane – documentary about Jane Goodall.
Black Panther
Disney Gallery (watch 3 episodes)