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The paper is expected to be between 5-10 pages in length, not including the title page or reference page. We
are looking for quality over quantity. Review the assignment rubric for grading criteria. The paper must
include all of the following components (items 1 – 6) with proper running head and headings/subheadings
within the body of the paper, following APA format:
Title page (Health Impact Framework/Research Paper, [Chosen Topic], Delaware Technical Community
College, NUR 310 Global Health, Student Name, Date)
Abstract– provide a one-paragraph abstract of your paper. Please review APA Manual for what is included in
an abstract.
Introduction of chosen topic (with supporting evidence from leading authorities) – provide a comprehensive
introduction of the topic, i.e. what is the problem, what is the burden of disease in the developed world and
in the developing world. All citations must be in APA format.
Application of the chosen topic to the Health Impact Pyramid (Frieden, 2010) – using the Health Impact
Pyramid (HIP) as the framework to guide your writing (see pre-assignment reading requirement and chart
p.4 attached), provide an analysis of your topic within the context of the following tiers of the HIP: All of the
tiers must be present in your paper. All citations must be in APA format. Provide a brief introduction to the
Health Impact Pyramid itself so that your reader(s) understand the framework upon which you are
addressing the issue.
Socioeconomic Factors (includes, but is not limited to, discussion on the influence of cultural factors and
health beliefs)
Changing the Context to Make Individuals’ Default Decisions Healthy*
Long-Lasting Protective Interventions
Clinical Interventions
Counseling and Education (include the role of the nurse and select one health behavior change theory that
could be applied to your topic [see Skolnik pp. 151-153]).
Recommended future interventions to address the topic (can include your ideas or leading experts in the
Discuss the Professional Opportunities available in the Global Health Field. Review some of the many
different pathways to a career in global health. This is a general discussion of the professional opportunities
in the field of global health and not related to just your topic.
References (in APA format)